Fitness Mini Pedal Exerciser

$58.99 USD



  • Fitness Mini Pedal Exerciser: Fitness Mini Pedal Exerciser this pedal exerciser provides a more fluid cycling motion. Less friction when pedaling reduces pressure on your joints and results in a better and more efficient workout.
  • Multi-purpose OF Fitness Mini Pedal Exerciser: Effective on both the floor for foot pedaling and on the tabletop for hand pedaling. The bike helps to improve tone and increase the strength of both the arms and legs, while also increasing your range of motion, blood circulation, and burning calories.
  • Sturdy and Portable FOR Fitness Mini Pedal Exerciser: A built-in handle allows for easy transportation and storage. The exerciser can be used beneath desks in the office, at home while watching television, and for therapy for those with limited mobility.
  • Advanced LCD Display OF Fitness Mini Pedal Exerciser: The large digital LCD screen easily monitors all multiple functions; RPM, Distance Time, Speed, and Calories burned. Scan mode will automatically cycle through each of these functions.
  • Adjustable Tension: The tension knob allows you to adjust the pedal resistance settings, so you can customize the exercise to your need.


  • Type of sports: Cardio Training
  • Training Site: Legs
  • Color: Black 
  • Measures: 41*36*32 cm
  • Digital Display: Yes


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